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Network meeting in Berlin

On May 6th and 7th, 2024, Members of the GPFN met in Berlin thanks to the support of MediaNet.

It was a great time to discuss the Network’s mission and values as well as the focus of the activities for the rest of the year:

  • Projects assessment process
  • Involvement of public institutions in supporting projects
  • Beyond Project funding – Promotion

The meeting was also a great opportunity to take part in the yearly Medianet brunch and attending Amaze launching evening.

Presentation of the video game sustainability mapping

On March,12th 2024, an hybrid (online/in-person) meeting hosted by ARTE in Strasbourg, gathered the GPFN members around the European Parliament representative, Laurence Farreng, for the presentation of “Toward a Sustainable Video Game Industry: Mapping of Initiatives,” a collaborative study led by Axel de Swarte from Axel Conseil, Pr. Odile Limpach from SpielFabrique and Kay Meseberg from ARTE, ordered by ARTE and SpielFabrique with the support of the ‘Culture’ fund of the three-year contract 2021-2023 Strasbourg European Capital.

The meeting was introduces by Marysabelle Cote (ARTE General Secretary) and Thierry Baujard (Co Founder of Spielfabrique).

The motivation behind this mapping initiative was clear: to provide an initial overview of sustainability within the European video game sector, opening avenues for pan-European collaboration in the cultural and creative industries. With the aim of shedding light on recent sustainable development initiatives, the mapping focused specifically on the social and environmental aspects of the industry. It was also the occasion for Tim Wagendorp (VAF) to give his input as the Flemish public fund Sustainability coordinator, on the sustainability in video games and the importance of raising awareness on the topic.

During the meeting, the Game Public Funds Network initiative was presented to Laurence Farreng, a member of the European Parliament actively advocating for a stronger European video game eco-system. Benjamin Noah Maričak (HAVC), Youri Loedts (VAF) and Florian Masuth (medianet berlinbrandenburg, on behalf of Games Germany) were able to present the GPFN and their interest in the specific development of the network as a unified Voice to represent the public fund game schemes across Europe. 

Use the download button below to have access to the full presentation file.

First meeting in Strasbourg

On 27th and 28th of September 2023, 13 representatives of European public funds for game met in Strasbourg to exchange with their peer institutions and to debate on various game support topics. Exchanging best practice and discuss key hot topics were developed at length during the 2 days.The objective is to develop a pan European network to make the European video game ecosystem stronger with public support.

Hosted by ARTE, partner of the event, the network had the opportunity to exchange and meet-up with the local representatives of the city of Strasbourg, the Eurometropole and the region, but also with the local video game ecosystem. The coproduction’s studios of the SpielFabrique‘s MATCH program were also present to meet with their national representatives and present their projects.

At the end of the 2 days, we had the opportunity to interact with representatives of the European Observatory, Eurimages and the European Commission, to present the Network, the future activities and discuss further projects as a network and association.

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